Here, you will find information on what Visita offers its members.

Visita represents restaurants, hotels, campsites, amusement parks, youth hostels, spa facilities, tourist offices, ski resorts and other businesses in the Swedish tourism industry. We represent a total of more than 5,000 member companies.

Visita signs the industry’s collective agreements and is a member organisation in the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise.

This website will provide you with information on what we at Visita can offer our members. We have chosen to divide our services and benefits into four categories: industry legal affairs, labour law, education and other issues. Read more about each of these areas below.

You can also read member cases, in which some of our members talk about why they are a part of Visita and how they benefit from their membership.

Industry legal affairs

Our experienced legal advisers and experts on food and sustainability issues can provide you with advice, support and hands-on assistance in several legal areas.

Labour law

You can receive legal advice on a daily basis, assistance in negotiations and court proceedings, and a great deal of other support from our labour law advisers.

Education and networking

The education department at Visita works with education and skills supply for its members.

We can also help you with

You can receive support from Visita in many different ways, for example in the form of financial benefits or advice on safety issues.

Some of the issues we work on

Launch of BFUF

Research and innovation in the industry had no obvious financier before BFUF (the R&D Fund of the Swedish Tourism & Hospitality Industry) came into being on the initiative of Visita and HRF (Hotel & Restaurant Workers Union). The fund offers an opportunity for companies and organisations to develop new ideas in various parts of the tourist industry.

More in-depth dialogue with the government

One need that Visita has long been aware of is that of a cohesive policy for our industry. Different ministers and policy areas highlight the importance of our industry, but when all initiatives and proposals are put together, this is not clear and in the worst cases, the various areas of policy obstruct each other. A government inquiry is now under way, to be completed in December 2017. Visita forms a natural part of this. Get involved and influence the issues we’ll be pursuing!

Simplified regulatory framework

A key area that we managed to influence in the right direction. Among other things, the government has tasked the inquiry with making rule submission for different sectors simpler, with the restaurant sector being first out. When this has been launched, more sectors will be included. We are in the front line of simplified enterprise.