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Demand for rent increase resulted in lower rent

One of Visita’s legal advisers, Susanne, has long represented the member Konferensanläggningen A, which runs its business in Stockholm.

They were issued notice of termination of their lease in December 2015, when their landlord demanded a major rent increase. On advice from Susanne, the tenant also terminated its contract for a change in terms and the parties began negotiations. Despite several meetings and attempts at mediation via the rent tribunal, the parties were unable to agree on a new contract. Susanne then asked the rent tribunal to make a statement on the market rent for the premises.

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Susanne and the member contacted several conference facilities to cite them as comparative material. The premises in question and all the premises cited in comparison were inspected, along with the rent tribunal and counterpart.

A statement was made at the end of 2016 that resulted in the member actually having their rent lowered.


Susanne Ytterholm

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