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Johan, who owns Restaurant X, called Visita’s labour law advisers and told us the following.

One evening during service, he heard how Pia and head chef Anders sounded agitated. They were loudly discussing a situation that had arisen in the kitchen. Johan went in and told Pia that she had to listen to her boss, Anders. Johan thinks that he may also have said that if she didn’t stop, she couldn’t work there anymore. Pia then rushed out of the kitchen. Before she disappeared, she screamed that she was going to quit.

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Pia did not attend work during the few days that followed the incident, nor did she get in touch. After a week, Pia’s union contacted Johan, saying that Pia had been provoked into quitting her job. Johan received an appeal for negotiation with a substantial damages claim from the union.

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The labour law adviser explained to Johan that there are situations in which an employee admittedly gives notice themselves but where termination can be seen as being forced or provoked by the employer. As questions of this nature can be quite complicated, Johan booked a meeting with the legal adviser.

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During the meeting, they went through the actual legal issue and all the circumstances – what had actually happened and who said what. When the actual negotiations took place, the labour law adviser was present and put forward the company’s argument. The negotiation was concluded, however, without an agreement being reached, and the union demanded a further negotiation known as a central negotiation.

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At the central negotiation Visita raised new objections, leading to the union and Johan eventually agreeing on a solution that meant terminating Pia’s employment and Johan paying Pia a final salary and a small lump sum.

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