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Example: Save money on collectively bargained insurance via FORA

One of Visita’s members, Restaurant R, didn’t know that they had an agreement known as a “hängavtal”*. The previous owner had signed this agreement, which continues to apply even after a change of ownership. The member was even unaware that the agreement itself costs money: SEK 1,500 per year plus around 0.5 percent of the company’s total salaries paid, what is known as the “hängavtal” agreement fee. This fee is debited by Fora, i.e. the company with which the employees are to be insured.

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All this was revealed when Restaurangen R became a member of Visita. The company was then directly connected to the collective agreement, which means that they no longer needed to pay the “hängavtal” agreement fee via Fora. Also, as a member they received a discount on Fora insurance. Restaurangen R paid total salaries of more than SEK 1,318,000, which means that the discount exceeds the member fee. So even as soon as they took out membership, they earned a small sum!

* A “hängavtal” is when an employer has signed a collective agreement directly with a union without being in an employer organisation.


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Azieb Norevi

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