Education and networking

Examples of how we work

A customised training solution

One of our member companies had recently expanded its business and employed a number of new departmental managers. The aim was to quickly give the new managers tools to effectively lead their employees and manage their business.

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The possibilities of sending everyone on a course were remote, as the pressure on the business was already high. A solution was devised together with VisitaAkademin in which Visita’s labour law advisers visited the member company’s own premises and held a basic course in labour law. This was combined with leadership and service with the aim of increasing profitability.

In this way, staff rapidly got started and the burden on day-to-day operations was minimised.

Broader network and leadership development

A CEO of one of Visita’s member companies wanted to reward one of their middle managers by providing an opportunity for skills development. The employee wished to develop their leadership and expand their network in the industry.

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An application was sent to Visita’s mentor programme Kulnet, and the employee was accepted onto the programme. The employee worked for a whole year with a mentor on various challenges, both at work and on a personal level. The employee was also given the opportunity to meet other participants in the programme and share experiences at a number of networking events.

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This resulted in the employee feeling stronger and more secure as a leader and being able to lead the operation in a more profitable way. They also acquired a broad network of industry colleagues able to assist them in future challenges.


Virpi Hagberg

Virpi Hagberg

Course Coordinator

One of our professional employees at Visita

Responsible for and administering Kulnet mentoring programs and VistaAkademin courses.

08-762 74 18